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Man of the streets, dedicated to space mining, a lost man until he found the task of helping Alex with his addictions and launching the mining career of both, with his own fleet. Second on board and Alex’s henchman.

He is a tall, red-haired man, born in Yao Therm, with slight cybernetic modifications, Faithful, intelligent, cunning and seeks lives. Able to influence others and convince them to achieve their goal

Places where we can find Alex. Ancient voice, The beyond.

Ancient voice

First Officer Ashen, the second in command, was reporting to Alexandra, the ship’s captain, of a breach in the hull after the last charge. She was restlessly walking through the corridors, while Ashen was behind her wanting to catch up with her to finish informing her. In the corridors they did not stop crossing workers who hurriedly went from one place to another to attend to all the urgent repairs that came to them.

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