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Woman of action, captain and pilot of mining ships, with a past in organized crime and acts of piracy, after a brief stint in the independent colonial army. Her ship is «the Pegasus» and she wants to fight to repair it and gain a fleet to live in an honest way, along with her crew.

Places where we can find Alex. Ancient voice, The beyond.

Ancient voice

“Alex entered his office, a kind of cabin in which chaos reigned, with a table full of papers and some bottles of liquor on top, on the walls there were several cabinets full of papers, logbooks and other books. less interest.
“Captain, with this there are three breaches in the cargo compartment, this will cost three thousand credits, the engine needs maintenance and the basic support team has already had three rotations without maintenance. We only have five cargo aircraft, this delays us a lot in orders”.
Alex nodded as she took a bottle of whiskey and drank from it, very stressed by everything Ashen was telling her.
«If we continue like this soon we won’t even be able to leave the refinery dock.»
“I know,” Alex said, “but you know as well as I do that even in transporting helium 3 the competition is high and the price per shipment is low, we can’t keep up with the big mining fleets, we barely have any staff. to take a single trip.”

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