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Physical appearance: “Woman with physical appearance of 19-20 years old, slender, 170cm tall, dark-haired, with a very youthful face”

As you saw: “She wears a tight space suit, in shades of white and a dull orange, which reveals the figure of her body and in which she can quickly equip backpacks, weapons, and other supplies and tools that she can use on her travels spatial”

Psychology: “She hates her cybernetic body, conceived in a factory for the enjoyment and sexual slavery of many, and with which she did not agree. She can’t stand people looking at her as a child as her inner memory and human spirit are over a hundred years old.»

Charisma: «She is not too charismatic, she prefers to follow someone more balanced, she is usually borderline, since her psychology makes her believe that everyone looks at her lewdly».

Peculiarities, ticks, illnesses, manias: «When they don’t have leaders to follow, she usually attacks those who locked her up in this cybernetic body and wanted to make her a sex slave.»

Motivation: «To take revenge on her creators while she finds justice in her acts towards others of her kind»

Environment: “My character’s environment is a world of crime, very harsh spatial conditions where any failure is fatal. A world full of gangs and people who are willing to beat her and her leader up and do with her as they please. A world of competition, jealousy, smuggling, constant crime and downtrodden suburbia across a vast known universe.»

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